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A Revolution, dynamic and result-oriented system. This is totally new concept created for the first time in the world. It is a precise interactive permutation and combination of the vital force within and around us known as the "Pynergy".

The special energy of Pynergy improves the flow of energy in your home and brings the fortune. It is used in various fengshui & Vastu corrections methods.

In the word `pyramid’, `pyra’ means fire, energy or cosmic force and `mid’ stands for middle. So a pyramid harnesses cosmic energy and preserves it in its middle, its bosom. And that is the energy that reverberates through the individual and the atmosphere and can be used for the welfare of the individual. This energy can be created in the pyramid yantras.

Strong vibrations of cosmic energy harnessed by the pramid yantras can create wonders. Shankar has developed pyra vastu that rectifies vastu doshas using specialized pyramid yantras.

As we all know, the effects of Pynergy are observable even without breaking or redeveloping a home or a building. In vastu, brahmasthala is given much importance.


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