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Pyramid Yantra
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Total energy of the body governed by 3 energies. These are subtle not physical. The first energy is heart and mind, this is directly connected to your particular body. The mind has to be calm and heart should be generously giving filled with gratitude thus results in planning, thinking and execution.

The second energy connected with the earth, its created by five elements known as "Pancha Tatvas". Everything on the earth and your own body govern by these elements. When they are well balanced results in success, peace, fortune, good health, and abundance.

The third energy is "Chakras", there are seven chakras in our body. These chakras open up to accept the universal energy and use it to support all the spiritual and regular physical activities.

When all these energies maintained at optimum level will produce excellent results.

Pyramid yantra is geometrical figure intended to represent the basic energies. Just as every elementary geometrical figure, a straight line, a square, a cross or a triangle etc., has a symbolic value corresponding to the basic notions, similarly, the Yantras symbolise one or the other power or energy.

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Vortex Harmonizer Pyramid


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