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Vastu Tips
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  1. Site or plot should be rectangular or square , Rectangular should 1:2 Ratio.
  2. Bore well or well or Sump should be in north east corner
  3. All the four corner of wall should be at 90 degree.
  4. Water flow Should towards northeast , North Or east direction.
  5. Four cardinal direction as per vastu
    • East face for peace of mind
    • North face good for development
    • South face is relaxation
    • West face is entertaining
  6. For studying north or east or northeast direction are good & students can have deep study.
  7. Make your head to south or east direction while sleeping ,will get good sleep.
  8. Do not make your head north direction while sleeping , will get health problems.
  9. Do not sleep under the beam.
  10. Pooja room can be place any direction but you should not face south direction while you do pooja , if you face you will not get successes.
  11. Pooja room keep away from toilet ,bath room & bedrooms.
  12. Kitchen should be place in south east position.
  13. Master bedroom should be in the southwest.
  14. Keep more window or open space on east , north , north east so energy flow will good.
  15. Toilets should be in south , west ,north west & east direction.
  16. Keep away from Geopathic stress point.
  17. Do not keep television in bed room.
  18. Main entrance of west face or south face is not good family living.


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