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Vastu Tips for Office
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  1. Manger , Senior person or Head of company person can sit South west place of office
  2. Marketing person can sit in north west place where he can achieve targets or more productivity
  3. All Employee and Employer should face towards north, east or North east direction are best
  4. Keep away from Geopathic stress point , if you are sitting under Geopathic stress point, you may lose your peace of mind , more stress, High blood presser, you will get successes in business , This is most danger –ve energy .
  5. Keep your finished products in northwest place and you can sell more
  6. Toilets should be in south , west , north west place are the best.
  7. Account peoples can sit in North direction for better financial
  8. Keep heavy things in west & south wall of your office for better financial control
  9. Meeting room & conference room should be north west or north east.



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